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    real-time in situ microextraction


The flowprobe™ is a real-time in situ microextraction technology for quantitative and qualitative analysis by mass spectrometry. The flowprobe system is based on the Liquid-Microjunction Surface Sampling Probe (LMJ-SSP) technology developed under Dr. Gary Van Berkel at Oak Ridge National Laboratory.   The flowprobe’s continuous solvent flow enables it to obtain analyte with the highest extraction efficiency of any commercially available technology for ambient mass spectrometry.  Amenable to spot sampling and scanning a range of surfaces--from cells and tissues to analytic/polymeric substrates—it can accelerate drug distribution studies, cancer and microorganism profiling, and biochemical analyses. 


The flowprobe features probe hardware that makes maintenance simple and reproducible.  With the flowprobe, both spot sampling and line scanning are possible providing flexibility for your workflows.  

An intuitive software GUI enables:

  • Precise movement of the probe and surface platform
  • Optical image overlay on the graphical surface display
  • Spot Sampling, Line Scanning, and Rastering
  • Saving methods to repeat later


Get the flowprobe upgrade to DESI 2D for Thermo Scientific instruments!

If you are an existing DESI 2D user and have the OS-3201, you can add a flowprobe attachment to your system and take advantage of both DESI and flowprobe on the same platform.  

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Applications of the Flowprobe are highly diverse and include sample types of the following:

  • Analytical surface blots
  • Bacterial colonies
  • Films and packaging materials
  • Protein arrays
  • HPTLC/TLC plates
  • Thin tissue sections (Life Sciences & Pharmaceutical)

Poster Presentations

ASMS 2015:  Comparative Depth Resolution of Extractive Techniques

ASMS 2014:  Applications of an in situ Microextraction Based Surface Sampling System to Microorganism Analysis

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